Our Mission: To provide essential support and services to families affected by childhood cancer through family networking, community awareness, financial assistance and advocacy for a cure.



Paxton was diagnosed at age 2 with an aggressive form of Rhabdomyosarcoma on her right tricep.  She had several surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation…Our life was totally turned upside down and even though we had amazing support from family, coworkers, friends, and church family, we felt very alone except by the families and children we came to know at the clinic – you formed your own alliance!….

Fast forward to 8.5 years of many checkups,scans and having a healthy 11 year old, Paxton had a lot of pain in her original cancer site in arm…after an MRI and bone biopsy, an aggressive form of Osteosarcoma was discovered. The radiation from treatment when Paxton was 2 caused the 2nd cancer in her arm…We knew this was a possibility, but only happens in 3% of patients who receive radiation…We were shocked, paralyzed, and once again had to experience the horrible life of watching a child try to battle through very aggressive chemotherapy treatment all inpatient for 5-7 days each, AND a life altering surgery as Paxton’s humerus bone was removed and replaced with a cadaver bone, brackets, and screws.

The chemotherapy caused many serious side effects which required numerous hospital stays. Our family would not have survived this without the enormous amount of support we received from so many networks – family, coworkers, friends, church family, the Schoolcraft and Portage communities and schools, and the families within Cancer Families United.

Paxton continues to recover from chemo and works hard at Physical Therapy after 3 arm surgeries to try to get her arm and hand to function again. She was stripped of so much with having cancer – time out with being with family, friends, school, and just being a kid. Paxton’s attitude throughout has been amazing though.  Even through some of the darkest times in treatment, she has said that God has a plan for her and that so many other kids have had it worse than her…Paxton is a true hero and inspiration to many!

She is a true warrior!


…Amy, Paxton’s mom



Meet Emily


Emily was dx 2 weeks before her 2nd birthday with Embryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma Stage 4.

She underwent 42 weeks of chemo, surgery to remove nodules from her lung, surgery to remove her right scapula

and part of her clavicle, and also several weeks of radiation therapy. We have been blessed to have Emily in remission since January of 2003.

Emily is active in promoting childhood cancer awareness and recently held a pajama day at her school to benefit CureSearch.

She is now 14 years old and just started her freshman year of high school.

…Melissa, Emily’s mom