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Zoey was diagnosed with Hypodiploid B cell ALL September. 11, 2012 at age 8.  She had her first BMT February.8, 2013 (cord stem cell transfusion). Her body rejected the first one. The second BMT was April, 4, 2013 two day after her 9th birthday using a high risk donor. Relapsed September, 2013 & again January, 9, 2014. She had too many rounds of chemo, on different studies & radiation to list. June, 16, 2014 went to CHOP to be part of the CART study but gained her wings July, 5, 2014 before getting to do the experimental study.

Life for Princess Zoey and those who adored her forever changed on September 1, 2012 wen was diagnosed with Leukemia. What began a a sad time tuned into a battle the kingdom for which Zoey lived had never before seen. Even after undergoing two bone marrow transplants and relapsing, Zoey was guiding a light of encouragement and held her head high like the princess she was.

Since her diagnosis Zoey spent much of her time in and out of Bronson Hospital and Mott’s Children Hospital where she captivated all with her charming and enchanting personality. When Zoey relapsed once again this past January she acquired numerous infections – with heavy hearts, all gathered around their precious princess with hope and prayer. The day came when the clear night sky was filled with the shimmer of gleaming stars on that Pennsylvania tarmac, the night of July 5th. Zoey began her new journey into the stars.

Zoey, Isabelle Pesch, “Princess Zoey” 10, of Kalamazoo, died Saturday July 5th at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.